Driven by a passion for Building Excellence, Iacovou Development is not only one of the leading Development Companies, but is also the name behind some of the most acclaimed civil engineering,  residential and commercial projects  on the island.

The reasons are quite simple.  Iacovou Development commands the professional expertise to manage projects from the  beginning  to the  end  including land purchase, appointment of award-winning architects, execution and monitoring of projects with contractors and follow-up to final handover. The processes and practices that are followed are in line with world standards. Being a part of an ISO 9002 certified company, Iacovou Development. is renowned for its ability to provide superior product value.
Since 1997, Iacovou Hellas, has operated in the field of real estate development in Greece and has successfully completed several unique housing projects in Athens.

We are proud to announce that as of the 18th September 2006 Iacovou Brothers (Development) Ltd are the 1st Cyprus Based Company to become Members of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP).





The company is a member of Iacovou Group, one of the Largest Group of Companies in Cyprus that is widely recognized as the leading Construction Group that has successfully completed some of the most acclaimed civil engineering, residential and commercial projects.

The combination of the group’s financial strength, vast construction expertise, real-estate experience and its extensive industry relationships, create a strong position from where Iacovou Development can explore unique opportunities and create value in the Cyprus Property Market.

We have a strong reputation for our competitive edge and reliable execution of all projects undertaken. This is achieved through our specialized experienced team in combination with award-winning architects, our high quality building excellence standards, our relentless attention to detail and exclusive customer focus to ensure client satisfaction and appreciation is a Guarantee for all Iacovou Development projects. Our ambition and goals have always been to deliver on time exceptional quality projects to our clients and society.

Iacovou Developments mission is to be one of the leading providers of unique properties.


Our team is our greatest asset, so we invest in the growth and development of all our team members. We are committed to building a team with discipline combined with integrity and professionalism that has the right skills and attitude towards all potential customers.



Building on a family heritage, based on respect, integrity, dignity, fairness, hard work and honesty we will continue to be privately owned by active management and guided by strong held values. Acting with integrity is at the heart of the way we operate and behave in all our business deals.

We have preserved our Impeccable reputation in the industry and society in general, as a professional, trustworthy, reliable and well respected company over the years and it is a top priority for us to continue to do so in the next years to come. We must therefore, continue to live up to the high ethical standards we have set ourselves and fully comply with all relevant laws and regulations.




Maintenance Support Team:
This team consists of a number of skilled professionals who in the event of the unexpected will with great care immediately respond to any unforeseen problems. This team consists of painters, builders, plumbers, carpenters and electricians and they are ready not only to solve any minor mishaps which may occur but also to re-fresh or refurbish your Iacovou Home.

Garden Maintenance:
Here again we at  Iacovou Development  can proudly boast that we use the services of a well trained  and equipped team of  landscapers and gardeners  so as to provide our clients with the best possible professional service. Our team will whilst looking after your lawn / garden on a weekly basis also suggest improvements.  This service is offered for 12 months of the year. 

Pool Maintenance:
At Iacovou Development   we make sure that whenever you decide to turn up and take a dip, you can no matter the season, the day or the time. It is our job to make sure that your pool water is crystal clear and hygienically safe all year round.

Professional Cleaning Service:
At  Iacovou Development  we can either clean your home on a regular basis, weekly / every fortnight / monthly or prior to your arrival and /or just after your departure. Our cleaning service also includes any laundry service that you may require, in the event that you have guests. All of the above services are offered so as to make your lives easier.

These services are offered to all our Purchasers but will depend on your individual requirements,  they  are not compulsory.  So, it is entirely up to you to either take advantage of these services or make other private arrangements. 



We aim to create harmony between people, the environment and technology through sustainable development in construction

Iacovou Development shall be the leading building developer in the local market and in selected product areas such as residential, office, retail and other selected type of development projects.

To be an industry leader in green building and sustainability, particularly in occupational health and safety, ethics and environment.

To recruit, develop and retain competent employees in order to achieve greater results.

To be able to make smart decisions following careful investment research.




Iacovou Development maintains a high profile in the Cyprus property development market.
Recognised for some of the country's most prominent residential and commercial projects, it is acknowledged as one of the principal property development companies in the country. The scope and range of challenges that can be successfully met is unlimited.
By using the total resources of the groups operational companies, Iacovou Development has the capacity and capability to implement, manage and complete the most complex enterprise - either as a corporate initiative or on behalf of an investor organisation. Company infrastructure is carefully integrated and organised to ensure complete control over project management.
The breadth of the company's expertise becomes particularly apparent in major works, where it's ability to coordinate every aspect - land purchase, appointment of the best architects, infrastructure, construction, finishing, monitoring of specialist contractors and final hand over - is without equal.