Country: Cyprus
City: Larnaca
Type: Residential
Delivery: 2021
Availability: 0 Residential
Status: For sale
Zenon Apartments
Zinonas Apartments is a thoroughly modern, three floor development featuring
stylish, contemporary architecture that emphasizes geometric shapes and an
assortment of textures. Its white façade is harmonized by glass elements, metallic
finishes and wooden louvers, all of which work harmoniously together to
project an elegant, yet comfortable charm.
The decorative louvers have the added advantage of providing shading and
privacy, while still offering natural ventilation.
Their natural wood element is further complemented by the abundance of
greenery that sprouts across the building’s surface, conjuring up an image of a
living, breathing entity. Decorative moss tiles and climbing plants are used to
protect against the excessive glare of the sun, while at the same time letting plentiful
daylight to stream through.
With a total of only 12 apartments, Zinonas Apartments fosters a sense of community
and neighborliness among its residents, allowing for a sense of privacy
and security as well as the added benefit of a generously spaced out residence.
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